HIROTEC AMERICA, Inc. Announces the Grand Opening of HIROTEC Tooling de Mexico

Auburn Hills, MI., April 19, 2013 – HIROTEC AMERICA, Inc. (HAI), an automotive supplier specializing in closure stamping dies, assembly tooling, and hemming systems announced the grand opening of an all-new facility in Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico to meet the demand for low cost, high quality manufacturing equipment.

This new division, HIROTEC Tooling de Mexico, will be celebrating its grand opening on April 23, 2013. "This expansion in Mexico contributes to our already present production facility in bringing more expertise and best practices to our global customers and local manufacturers in Mexico," said Katsu Uno, Chairman and CEO, HIROTEC AMERICA, Inc. "This key facility will also contribute to supporting customers in other regions of Latin America.”

In 2012, HIROTEC acquired 11 acres of land for this new site and built a 75,000 square feet closure manufacturing assembly facility with future expansion capabilities of up to 200,000 square feet. In Silao, HIROTEC Tooling de Mexico joins its sister company HIROTEC MEXICO, which provides fully stamped and assembled closure and exhaust systems directly to automotive manufacturers around the world.


HIROTEC AMERICA, Inc. is part of the HIROTEC Group Companies that has worldwide sales in excess of 1.3 billion dollars and 27 locations worldwide. For over 25 years, HIROTEC AMERICA has been providing innovative and highly flexible closure manufacturing solutions to automotive customers around the world. For more information, please visit www.hirotecamerica.com.

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