HIROTEC Corporation Celebrates its 80th Anniversary

Auburn Hills, MI., February 21, 2012 – HIROTEC AMERICA, Inc. (HAI), an automotive supplier specializing in closure bodyshop assembly tooling and hemming systems announced that the HIROTEC Corporation located in Hiroshima, Japan will be celebrating its 80th anniversary this month.

“From a small family owned business which was started in Japan, to a world-wide full service closure panel and exhaust component enterprise, I am humbled to be celebrating this important milestone,” said Katsu Uno, Chairman and CEO at HIROTEC AMERICA. “As a business committed to continuous improvement, our dedication to our original guiding principles, which are sincerity, modesty, and progress have allowed us to experience consistent growth and success over the past eight decades.”

HIROTEC Corporation was founded in 1932, initially manufacturing general sheet metal household appliances, and in 1953 that emerged into the automotive manufacturing sector by receiving their first program with Mazda Corporation. This first project was for providing front side sheet metal panels. A year later, HIROTEC received their first body-in-white door production program for Mazda and their expertise in closure panels was born.

Through the years, HIROTEC Corporation has continued to grow from a single company in Hiroshima, to the global headquarters of the HIROTEC Group consisting of 25 facilities in nine countries, achieving over 1.3 billion dollars in sales and becoming an industry expert in providing world-class quality door closure panels and exhaust components. The key to HIROTEC’s success is their think-as-the-user mentality, dedication to providing exemplary customer service, and the continued development of advanced technologies.

HIROTEC AMERICA, Inc. is part of the HIROTEC Group Companies that has worldwide sales in excess of 1.3 billion dollars and 25 locations worldwide. For over 20 years, HIROTEC AMERICA has been providing innovative and highly flexible closure manufacturing solutions to automotive customers around the world. For more information, please visit www.hirotecamerica.com.

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