HIROTEC Group Companies Announce Realignment

Auburn Hills, MI., October 6, 2009 – HIROTEC Group Companies, a global automotive supplier group specializing in production of body-in-white closures, exhaust components and systems, and the design and manufacture of stamping dies, bodyshop tooling and hemming systems, announced a realignment of its structure today.

Yumex Corporation, established in 1985 for the development and production of exhaust components and systems as of October 2, 2009 will be combined with HIROTEC Corporation. “The move is a continuing effort to optimize HIROTEC Group resources, knowledge and manufacturing footprint globally,” stated Norifumi Uno, Executive Vice President of the HIROTEC Group. Yumex operations worldwide as well as their product offerings and its commitment to its customers will continue forward without change.

HIROTEC GROUP is dedicated to bringing ground breaking proven technology and products that will help reduce costs and improve efficiencies. HIROTEC Group delivers roughly 1.5 million exhaust systems and over 7 million B-I-W closures yearly to its automotive industry customers. HIROTEC Group Companies have world wide sales in excess of 1.3 billion dollars and 21 locations. For over 70 years, HIROTEC Group has been providing innovative and highly flexible products and solutions to automotive industry around the world. For more information, please visit: www.hirotec.co.jp.

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