HIROTEC HIROTEC AMERICA Announces a Partnership with Braintech to Fully Integrate Revolutionary Vision Software

Auburn Hills, MI., August 14, 2009 – HIROTEC AMERICA, Inc. (HAI), an automotive supplier specializing in closure bodyshop tooling and hemming systems, announced a partnership with Braintech, the leader in the field of robot vision software.

“Braintech is thrilled to have Hirotec’s award-winning team as a partner,” Braintech Chief Executive Officer Rick Weidinger said. “In addition to being a perennial Supplier of The Year to General Motors, they are also a recent Automotive News Pace Award recipient--both of which speak volumes to their levels of innovation and engineering expertise. Hirotec’s engineers have completed training and are capable of fully demonstrating our products at their facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and we look forward to participating in the delivery of robot-vision solutions to their global customer base.”

This partnership allows HIROTEC AMERICA to integrate Braintech’s vision software for robot guidance into new or existing manufacturing systems, which will provide significantly increased flexibility and will remove other additional costs. This cutting edge software enables a robot to pick and locate parts from moving conveyors as well as semi-structured bins, which is impossible with older methods.

The traditional method to locate and pick parts, utilizes a robot to load each part onto a stationary end effector. This solution offers no flexibility in part position because each part is required to be in a fixed location and placed exactly right before the robot can locate or grab the part.

“HIROTEC AMERICA is dedicated to bringing our customers ground breaking proven technology that will help reduce costs and well as improve efficiencies. Braintech’s software will do just that and we’re proud to be able to offer a new leaner manufacturing solution by integrating this program into the manufacturing lines of various industries,” stated Gary Krus, VP of Business Development at HIROTEC AMERICA.

HIROTEC AMERICA, Inc. is part of the HIROTEC Group Companies that has world wide sales in excess of 1.4 billion dollars and 21 locations worldwide. For over 20 years, HIROTEC AMERICA has been providing innovative and highly flexible closure manufacturing solutions to automotive customers around the world. For more information, please visit: www.hirotecamerica.com.

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